Laura Jordan

No Man’s Land

In my work “No Man’s Land” I hope to raise multiple questions and concerns such as – the thin boundary between this world and the next, thresholds and edges and the embodiment the ‘universal wound’ with personal meanings of conflict both political and domestic. Soldiers can be seen as oppressors or liberators depending on how ‘other’ they are. The role of victim/perpetrator is unclear in the work. I arrange World War I infantry figures in precarious rusted metal landscapes, some dynamic, while others under glass evoke a suspended purgatory of static trauma in seeming perpetuity. In the work ‘Bridge’ the figures inch forward on a defunct bridge, futile and going nowhere with echoes of war and conflict where territory and boundaries are fought over absurdly with great loss. Soldiers are emblematic of power with weapons that can kill but in this work it is brought into question by the scale as the witness has the situation reversed and the power to destroy all with the sweep of the hand.